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Privacy Policy

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Corporate Privacy Policy


This purchase order transforms into a binding agreement between the Buyer and Seller upon the Seller's written acknowledgment and confirmation or through the delivery of goods or provision of services as detailed herein. Acceptance is confined to the terms and conditions presented. The Buyer is not responsible for any goods or services prior to the receipt of a valid invoice at the specified "Bill To" address. The commencement of payment terms is contingent upon receiving an appropriate invoice that references the purchase order number.

Entire Agreement

This purchase order, including terms on both its sides and any attachments, represents the sole and concluding agreement between the Buyer and Seller, overriding any prior proposals or agreements. Any quotations or proposals from the Seller mentioned within this order do not alter the terms unless explicitly indicated. Seller-provided documents with conflicting terms will not override the stipulations herein. Amendments require an authorized Buyer representative's written change order.


Goods delivered under this order are subject to inspection and must be approved within a reasonable period post-delivery, irrespective of payment or prior review. Goods failing to meet specified standards may be returned to the Seller at their cost, along with liability for related damages.


Substitutions are not allowed without the Buyer's explicit permission.


The Seller assures that all goods carry a good and marketable title, conforming to requisite standards, free from any security interests, liens, or encumbrances. The Seller affirms that goods will match specifications, drawings, or descriptions provided and comply with quality benchmarks. These warranties are in addition to any other express or implied warranties, remaining effective post-inspection, acceptance of delivery, and payment.

Warranty against Infringement

The Seller guarantees that the sale or utilization of specified products will not infringe on any patents, trademarks, or copyrights.


Each package must contain a detailed packing slip including the purchase order number and adhere to carrier guidelines. Additional charges are not permitted unless specifically listed in the purchase order.

Compliance with Law

The Seller's fulfillment of this order must align with all relevant federal, state, and local laws. The Seller confirms obtaining all necessary licenses, permits, and approvals, adhering to Buyer's safety regulations, and ensuring facility compliance.

Termination for Default

Should the Seller fail to comply with essential conditions, the Buyer reserves the right to halt further performance upon notification. In such cases, the Buyer holds no obligation towards the Seller.

No Assignment

The Seller is prohibited from assigning this purchase order without the Buyer's prior written approval.

Governing Law

This order is subject to the laws of the state where the Buyer's premises are situated, with both parties agreeing to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal courts in said state.

Equal Employment Opportunity

This order encompasses the provisions of Executive Order 11246 (as amended), with the Seller affirming compliance, barring exemptions.


In the event that software is necessary, the Seller grants the Buyer a perpetual, irrevocable license. The Seller is expected to provide updates at no extra cost and guarantees rightful ownership and authority to grant such license.


The details and existence of this order, alongside related information, are to be kept strictly confidential. Disclosure of this purchase order by the Seller requires the Buyer's prior written consent.


The nullity of any clause does not impact the validity of the remaining terms. No breach waiver by the Buyer shall imply a waiver of subsequent breaches. A term is not considered waived unless documented in writing and endorsed by an authorized officer of the Buyer.